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Ville de Bromont et Commission scolaire Val-des-Cerfs


Bromont’s public library

The new Bromont municipal and school library is annexed to the existing Chantignole elementary school , it takes the form of a long rectangular prism pierced with boxes. The main volume fits gradually in the hilly grounds surrounding it from the center to the southeastern tip. The quiet and cozy atmosphere is conducive to reading. Highlighting nature around the site, the project was designed in a sustainable development perspective. A green roof, a high-performance envelope, optimal usage of natural light as well as shade screens are used to minimize the temperature variations between the inside and the outside, thus reducing the costs associated with air conditioning and heating.

The administrative rooms, the children’s section and the computer lab are presented as wooden boxes fitting into the main volume of the structure presented as fun and attractive niches, they advantageously create intimate sound control areas. These boxes are opened to the outside through strategically oriented windows to offer the user a view of the surrounding landscape.

With this new construction, different services are now offered to the Bromont population: a multifunctional room that serves as a venue to artists, a youth section where various activities can be organized for children and school groups, a section for adults, a computer training room, a work room and a reading area

After the construction of this library, we were authorized by the Commission Scolaire du Val -des -Cerfs to expand the existing gymnasium of the Chantignole School and add 16 classrooms. The project was designed with energy efficiency principles, including the integration of a geothermal system. The energy performance of the envelope (walls, windows and roof) exceeds the standards required by the “Regulation respecting energy conservation in new buildings”. All materials used are durable and require only minimal maintenance.