Centre de développement des compétences Laurier- Pont-Viau



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Centre de développement des compétences Laurier- Pont-Viau

The existing structure of the Centre de développement des compétences Laurier was efficiently restored, replanned and enlarged to answer the different needs of its new vocation. A new space was built to welcome the students and visitors; it is also used for it’s new administrative functions. People can now access the new building through levels of green vegetation organized in large steps with an access ramp that allows a smooth transition from the parking lot and to the building.
Inside, a suspended volume greets the user into a space built around three levels. Its interior lined of blue tiles with changing angles, creates a moving relief and energizes the area. This mosaic can be seen from outside by a coating of the same tone positioned under a second skin of wooden blades. A particular angled cut on each of the blades gives the surface a depth effect that transforms according to the viewing angle, giving the body a more ethereal nature.
The classrooms were also completely reorganized to provide a stimulating learning environment. They were conceived with keeping in mind the high standards both in technology and in terms of lighting and acoustics through the use of ecological, durable and easy to maintain materials.


3,4M $