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Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys


école des Marguerite

Conception réalisée par Birtz Bastien Beaudoin Laforest

The new school has a steel frame that unfolds in three volumes of different heights: the administrative section is on one level, the sports section is on two levels and the school section is on three levels. This school includes three preschool classrooms, 18 elementary classrooms, a multipurpose room with many windows, two daycare rooms, a double gymnasium and a resource classroom.

In order to link the school and the park at the end of the school block, large windows were installed in this section. The library has a large bay window which increases its surface area and gives a view of the park.

In terms of energy saving measures, the implementation of 25 geothermal wells and a thermal wheel allow heat recovery and air conditioning for the entire building at little cost.  The plans for the school were bought back by the School Board Grandes-Seigneuries.