Équinoxe elementary School



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Équinoxe elementary School

Consortium avec Vincent Leclerc & associés

The new Équinoxe elementary School, located in the Sainte-Rose district of Laval, has 16 classrooms. It is built as a long corridor that forms an axis of movement.
This axis has a natural lighting through openings at the ends of the building. The school is divided into function blocks in order to promote the smooth flow while limiting the cross-over among older and younger students. Openings in the floor and in adjoining areas allow the diffusion of light and give the space a breath of life.

The volume produced by the off-center structure allows the enlargement of the rooms which facilitates the grouping of people. The different functions are punctuated by their shapes and enrich the diversity of the new building. The use of sustainable and easy to maintain materials, the inclusion of student safety and integration of the new school to its environment have been constant concerns throughout the designing process of the project. The new school was designed to minimize natural light, integrating nature to the building and realizing green facilities that serve as playgrounds.
The proposed concept for the school has been a real success since it was taken over by the Laval School Board and School Board Marie-Victorin.


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magazine ESQUISSES, Automne 2015, Volume 26, numéro 3