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NDG sports center

Consortium Thibodeau Poirier Fontaine Architectes

The Notre-Dame-de-Grâce sports Center project includes a 25 meters semi-Olympic pool, a multipurpose pool for the elderly, the disabled and young children, a gymnasium, a weight room, community rooms and a coffee shop with an outdoor terrace.
Particular attention was paid to the building’s architectural integration, to its environment and the preservation of green areas of Benny Park. The sports center is open on the park all the while in concert with the architecture of the nearby residential buildings. A green roof on a large portion of the building minimizes its visual impact. The park’s trails were also preserved as they continue through and over the building.
The exterior of the building has a higher energy efficiency level due to the depth of its foundations, enabling it to take advantage of the thermal inertia of the soil. The insulation of the exterior walls was also increased. A series of geothermal wells fill a large part of the air conditioning and heating needs of the sports center. The installation of heat recovery systems and the choice of a white roof has greatly reduced the costs of energy, particularly for the swimming pools area.


16,5M $


« Prix Développement Durable » lors des Grands Prix du Design 2012 + Certification LEED Or