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Olympic park sports center

The Olympic sports center attracts top athletes, residents and schools daily. Its reorganization is part of the  revitalization of the Olympic Park campaign. We had to redesign the hall, the reception area, the main entrance of the sports center, the training room, the locker rooms, the coffee shop  and all the corridors, by integrating the new visual identity of the Olympic Park.  A new monumental staircase and an elevator connect the training room to the locker room. The double height training room offers a view of the architectural heritage of the aquatic center through a large glass wall, all the while being an interconnected floor space on the side of the main entrance and vertical circulations area. The lobby has become a well organized and structured circulation area, the central point for exploring the various services offered by the Sports Centre.
Although the sports center is vast and includes various activities, the design must facilitate the understanding of the different areas and guide the user throughout his experience. The reorganization allowed the exploitation of the white colour for light and the concrete for architectural heritage and the wood for warmth, in addition to accentuate the height, the sight lines and traffic flow. The vertical circulation articulates a new elevator to better direct the eye and link the services.


12M $


Kollectif - Projet du mois de juillet 2015
OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT - COMMERCIAL INTERIORS -de l’International Achivement Award 2015