Sainte-Sophie’s Town Hall



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Municipalité de Sainte-Sophie


Sainte-Sophie’s Town Hall

Situated just outside downtown Sainte-Sophie the town hall, the library and the nearby fire house, are considered an administrative landmark by the community.

The tonw hall building has mainly offices, and is of a simple and compact design that focuses on the materials and the quality of the natural light. Wrapped in copper, a material that provides an institutional and noble character, the two main elements of the town hall are the hall and the board/party room which are highlighted in the design.

A rigorous environmental approach has guided the design of the building. A cover with reinforced isolation, the hot water heat system installed in a concrete slab and geothermal principles characterize the building. The draft project of the new town hall was a step in the right direction of the expansion and structuring of the municipality of Sainte-Sophie.