St-Patrick elementary school



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Commission scolaire Lester B. Pearson


St-Patrick elementary school

The St Patrick’s elementary school was built in the 1960s The expansion includes 13 classrooms spread over two floors and was treated as an extension of the existing building and not as a separate unit. We were inspired by the musical vocation of the school ; we highlighted the music room as a playful and colorful element hanging over the multipurpose room. A work of art of flamboyant colors representing a musical score has been installed in the multipurpose room. The main areas, highlighted by a large curtain wall letting in natural light, are of high quality and create a joyful atmosphere of the staff and children.
The materials were chosen for their strength and durability; the windows to minimize energy losses. The extension allowed the reorganization of outside spaces for a better location of the playground equipment. We have built a soccer field in line with the expansion. The land is large enough that we managed to increase the size of the parking lot without reducing the playgrounds. The new layout of the schoolyard facilitates the monitoring of students during recess.


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