SAINTE-SOPHIE’S water treatment PLANT



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Municipalité de Sainte-Sophie


SAINTE-SOPHIE’S water treatment PLANT

The underground water treatment plant of the municipality of Sainte-Sophie is located near the Achigan River. It houses the chlorination and purification process plant of the water for the residents and the new developments of the municipality.

The small building is sheltered from vandalism; the double exterior jacket made of corrugated steel and expanded metal has a porous surface that is graffiti resistant. The jacket also acts as a support for climbing plants. The building enjoys the natural cooling offered by the vegetation since there’s no air conditioning.

The colorful extension of the roof protects the building from the sunlight and energizes it. The windows near the line of the roof allow the building to relish the natural light while limiting the use of artificial light during the daily staff visits. The brightly colored garage door adds the finishing touch to the structure.