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Sherbrooke University pool complex

Consortium Thibodeau Poirier Fontaine Architectes

The pool complex of the Sherbrooke University includes a 25m competition pool with eight lanes, two flexible diving boards (1m and 3m) and two concrete diving boards (1m and 5m), new locker rooms and a mezzanine with removable bleachers . The project also included the renovation of the existing 50m pool.

Built in anticipation of the 2013 Canada Games, the pool complex and the sports center of the Sherbrooke University offers a bright environment for the swimmers and the spectators. It offers magnificent views of Mount Orford and the surrounding countryside through large windows. To create dynamic facades, concrete columns were taken and used to insert the new windows. Precast concrete was selected to blend in with the shapes of the windows.

The new facilities communicate with the existing building through large doors located at the beaches. This junction has been carefully crafted, so the added building integrates harmoniously with the original ones. A new mezzanine overlooking the two pools was added. It offers spectators a clear view of the activities of the swimming pools. A removable divider allows the use of two pools independently or simultaneously. The shallow parts of the pools, used for aquafit classes, are fitted with floor “soft walk”, gentle on the joints. For athletes, new Olympic caliber departure pads and electronic timing system were implemented.

Locker rooms adapted to the needs of families and the disabled were added. Yellow bricks show the space where we wanted to offer great privacy for the users. The small square windows placed at a certain height shed bright light areas on the locker room.

The lighting system of the sports center is done with LED lights and high performance energy efficient ventilation system uses heat recovery.  This significantly reduces the ventilation, lighting and filtration costs of the project.